Featured July artist, Diana Jensen Vestergaard

Diana Jensen Vestergaard

Diana Jensen Vestergaard

Diana Jensen Vestergaard is a painter working in the Classical Realist tradition. Her artistic practice is firmly based on academic methodologies and age-old approaches to drawing and painting.

Diana’s artist education began in Edmonton, Canada, where she obtained a Bachelor of Art and Design in 1997, and a Bachelor of Art Education in 2001. Inspired by the artistic paradigms of the Western tradition, Diana moved to Europe in 2003 to study the Masters. She embraced classical training at The Florence Academy of Art, whereby she received a Certificate in Academic Drawing in 2008. In 2010 Diana graduated with a Master’s degree in Art History from the University of Copenhagen.

Nature is one of the central themes in Diana’s work. She paints primarily landscapes as she is greatly inspired by Nature’s beauty. Her aesthetic attempts to capture the harmony of nature through a mastery of craft. Through her paintings, Diana seeks to “penetrate Nature’s mysteries, find its essence, compose it, interpret it, and make tangible its reality through art.” Nature is Muse!

Diana also dedicates her time to painting equine themes. She grew up riding horses in the sublime West Coast rainforest. The horse continues to captivate and inspire her. She is currently developing a series of paintings relating to equus, myth, and dreams.

Diana resides on Vancouver Island, where she works full time as a painter, while also teaching art classes and art history seminars to children and adults. Her artwork is represented in private collections in Canada, the United States, and throughout Europe.

To view Diana’s artwork please visit her websites:



Art Equidae

Art Equidae

contours of Mnemosy contours of mnemos contours of mnemosy contours of mnemosyn


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